Boric Acid Gel

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Support and nurture a healthy pH balance to eliminate odour and reduce vaginal dryness...naturally.

Looking after your vagina is as easy as...

1. Insert 1 syringe into your vagina once daily (around bedtime is best) for 7 days.

2. Repeat this treatment as often as you see fit, for example, in the week following your period or after sexual intimacy to help rejuvenate and refresh your vagina's microbiome.

Each pack comes with seven conveniently packaged syringes, perfect for easy application.

What's inside?

100% Medical-Grade Boric Acid, Pure Water, Carbomer, Aloe Vera. Vegan-friendly. Natural.

Not sure if Pinc Wellness is for you?

Some of the jargen can be confusing, we get it! Especially if you are new to exploring your vaginal health.