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Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories

I’ve never used boric acid before. What does it do?   

Boric acid is a long-standing, natural, tried and tested remedy for common vaginal infections like BV and thrush.

Due to its weak acidity, boric acid can help to gently balance the pH of the vagina, restoring it to optimum levels (it has a bacteriostatic and fungistatic action, so it makes  the vagina slightly more acidic while disrupting the fungal cell membrane).

Basically, it encourages a harmonious balance between the ‘good’ bacteria and the ‘bad’. It’s a simple solution for women who suffer from recurring thrush and BV, and those who’ve not found long-term relief from antibiotics. 

Learn more about boric acid and how it helps common vaginal infections.

Is it safe to put boric acid in your vagina?

Boric acid suppositories designed for vaginal use are generally considered safe in the short term when used as prescribed or under medical guidance. While some concerns may arise due to boric acid's association with borax, a compound found in household cleaning products and pesticides, it's essential to note that boric acid and borax are distinct substances.

Despite sharing a common compound, boric acid suppositories are specifically formulated for vaginal insertion and should never be ingested orally. The potential dangers arise when boric acid is consumed in "extreme amounts," with toxicity occurring at 15-20 grams for adults and 5 grams for infants.

It's crucial to emphasize that the recommended dosage of boric acid vaginal suppositories is typically 600 milligrams, and they are considered safe when used as directed – inserted into the vagina, not taken orally. To put it in perspective, an adult would need to ingest an impractical 25 vaginal capsules simultaneously to reach toxic levels

What’s our boric acid suppositories are made from? 

We keep things simple. 

Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories are made with a single, naturally forming ingredient: 100% medical-grade boric acid. 

No additives, no fillers and no fragrances.

What’s a vaginal suppository? And how do I use one?

A vaginal suppository is simply a small capsule you insert inside your vagina. 

If you’ve never used one before, it might sound a little intimidating. But they’re very easy to use, we promise!

Before bedtime and with clean hands, gently insert one capsule in the vagina, as far as it can comfortably go. Repeat daily, until your symptoms disappear or for up to two weeks. If required, the capsule can safely be used every 12 hours.

Or, simply insert when needed – after sex, after the last day of your period, or when you’d like to feel a little fresher. 

Some discharge is normal, so we recommend wearing a pad or liner to bed.

What about the side effects of boric acid?

Vaginal boric acid first-timers can feel anxious about the potential side effects. But a 2011 review in the Journal of Women’s Health found that only 10% of participants, across multiple studies, reported boric acid side effects, from vaginal use. 

A similar, but more recent review (2021) backed up these findings, concluding that (vaginally inserted) boric acid treatment was safe for most people. 

The review also pointed out that there was barely any (if at all) absorption of boric acid into the bloodstream, over two weeks of using it vaginally. 

Side effects are rare and minor, but they can include: 

Boric acid should never be taken orally as it’s toxic when ingested. So keep it far out of reach of children and pets.

Can I have sex while using boric acid suppositories?

We recommend waiting until the capsule has dissolved entirely. This can take anywhere between 4 - 12 hours. 

And steer clear of oral sex, as boric acid is toxic when ingested!

I’m pregnant, or breastfeeding. Can I use boric acid?

Pregnant people would generally be advised against using intravaginal boric acid. 

The safety data available on vaginal use of boric acid can’t automatically be applied to pregnant people. For this group (and the developing fetuses they carry), there isn’t enough data available to give it a thumbs up for safety and it’s better to err on the side of caution here.

Can I use Boric acid while I’m on prescription medication?

Please consult with your doctor before using boric acid with other medications.

Probiotics Vaginal Suppositories

How do vaginal probiotics work?

Vaginal probiotics are specifically formulated to support the natural balance of bacteria in the vaginal microbiome. They contain beneficial strains of bacteria that help maintain a healthy pH level and prevent the overgrowth of harmful bacteria. By introducing these probiotics into the vagina, they can help support vaginal health.

What are the benefits of using vaginal probiotics?

Vaginal probiotics offer several potential benefits, including promoting a healthy vaginal pH, supporting a balanced vaginal flora, and helping to prevent or manage common vaginal issues such as yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. They can also help reduce odour and support overall vaginal wellness.

Are there any side effects or precautions to consider?

Vaginal probiotics are generally considered safe for most women. However, some individuals may experience mild and temporary side effects such as mild irritation or discharge. If you have any specific concerns or medical conditions, it's always recommended to consult with your healthcare provider before using any new product, including vaginal probiotics.

How long does it take to see results from using vaginal probiotics?

The timeframe for seeing results may vary depending on individual factors. Some women may experience noticeable improvements within a few days, while others may require several weeks of consistent use.

How to use Replenish Women’s Vaginal Flora Probiotic

We recommend to use our probiotics for 7 nights then once a week for 10 consecutive weeks.

DO NOT TAKE CAPSULES ORALLY. Replenish is designed to be inserted intravaginally.


How to use Rebalance and Replenish together?

When experiencing bacterial vaginosis or thrush, we suggest using our rebalance suppositories for a duration of 14 days. Take one suppository at bedtime each night for 14 nights to effectively address the infection. Once the infection has cleared, incorporate our Replenish probiotic suppositories into your routine. Use them for 7 nights initially and then continue using them once a week for the following 10 consecutive weeks. This regimen helps maintain a healthy vaginal environment and minimise the risk of recurrence.

You should not use both suppositories simultaneously.

Can I use your products if I am menstruating?

If you are currently menstruating, we recommend continuing to use our suppositories. However, we advise using a pad instead of a tampon during this time.

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Where do you deliver to?

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