Like a lot of women’s health issues, vaginal health is shrouded in stigma and secrecy. Think about it – were you taught about BV, thrush and your vagina’s optimum pH balance when you were growing up? 

Nope. Neither were we. 

We just don’t talk about this stuff. But we should. These are the conversations we absolutely have to have so we can live our fullest, healthiest, most joyful lives.

Who we are (and why we’re so passionate about vaginal health.

I’m Sarah – the face behind Pinc Wellness. 

After 20 years of frustration, endless doctors visits and fruitless rounds of antibiotics, I knew there had to be a better approach.

I tried boric acid for myself. I was amazed at the difference such a simple, natural solution made to my life  – when my vagina felt better, I felt better. 
While women's health issues are chronically under-researched (and vaginal health is no exception), recent studies have shown boric acid and probiotics to be safe and effective in preventing and alleviating thrush and BV.

Boric acid brought me comfort, relief and confidence. And, importantly, it allowed me to step off the constant merry-go-round of antibiotic treatments. 
I want other women to feel the relief and joy I felt. And I want other women to have easy access to this incredible, natural, life-changing compound. 

That’s why Pinc Wellness was born. 

We’re bringing our products to you, so you can love your vagina, and live your life.