What is Pinc Wellness all about? Let’s chat. Make yourself a nice cup of tea, find a comfy seat and settle in. Here’s everything you need to know about Pinc Wellness and how we plan on transforming the way women feel about their vaginas in a BIG WAY…

Why Was Pinc Wellness Created?

Like many women, our team here at Pinc Wellness have a looong history of suffering in silence with chronic Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and thrush…and not being able to find a solution to those problems.

We were also sick of feeling like we should be ashamed of our sexual and vaginal health and wellness.

What’s that all about anyway? Our vaginas are part of us. They should be treated with love, care and respect…not left to suffer when treated with antibiotics that only treat the symptoms, not the source.

They shouldn’t be thrust to the side and ignored. They should be spoken about openly.

So, we took it upon ourselves to create a holistic treatment for BV and thrush, while sharing informational and educational body-positive thoughts with women who want to break free of the stigma and the shame surrounding their vaginas and their sexual wellness.

Are You Ready to Free Your Vagina from the Pains of Bv and Thrush?

If you’re looking for more advice, tips, body-positive thoughts and products to help you live your best life…away from the stigma and the antibiotics that just don’t seem to work, join the Pinc Wellness movement!

Follow our socials, join our mailing list, check out our boric acid suppositories for BV and change your life for the better.

Much love,

🌸 Team Pinc